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Accommodation in Brno

Accommodation in Brno (best hotels)

Brno Hotels

At Krizkovskeho 20 street there is a 5 star hotel - Holiday Inn Brno. There are also many 4 star hotels - Grandhotel Brno (Benesova 18), Hotel Voronez (Krizkovskeho 47). Than popular hotels - Slavia (Solnicni 17) or thinnest hotel in Europe - Hotel Avion (Ceska 20). Very new 4 star hotel which was just put into service has name Comsa Brno Palace Hotel (Silingrovo namesti 2 square). I recommend this one.

Brno Hostels

If you are student or you are at low budget trip, you can oversleep in hostel. Unfortunately there are not so many hostels in Brno. I think the best is Hostel Fleda (Stefanikova 24) or Travellers Hostel Brno (Janska 22). More hostels you can find by searching "hostel" at map site.

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